CNC turning and milling services – machine park


Services in the field of CNC cutting of metals, aluminum and plastics is the main scope of activity of ANBI-TECH. These are innovative technological solutions, which allow to obtain high quality products with the use of modern computer control technology and with the limitation of human factor work.

The company offers CNC turning services, CNC milling services and CNC cutting services. The machining centers are fully automated, which allows, for each of the indicated services, to reduce the execution time, while maintaining high standards and precision. The controls used are such as: FANUC, SINUMERIK and HEIDENHAIN, which give the ability to perform even demanding details.


CNC services provided by ANBI-TECH are characterized by high quality and competitive prices. In order to get acquainted with the details of our offer, please contact us with an inquiry or question.

In order to familiarize with the specificity of work and machinery, please read the following information.

Our modern machinery includes:

  • CNC milling machines - DOOSAN ENSHU HURCO DMG MOR
  • Conventional lathes - PORĘBA TUR
  • Conventional milling machines - HECKERT JAFO
  • CNC band saw machines - BOMAR
  • Automatic lathes -TSUGAMI, SPRINT
  • Milling and cutting plotters - KIMLA

CNC machining capabilities used at ANBI-TECH include:

3-axis CNC 3d milling – 1020x540x510mm
4-axis CNC 4d milling – 600x600x500mm
5-axis CNC 5d milling – dia.500x450mm
Conventional milling – 1600x400x510mm
CNC milling Plotter – aluminium CNC milling – plastic CNC milling – 3100x2100x350mm

CNC turning – Ø max turning = 465 mm; L max = 1000
CNC turning – automatic lathes – 6 axes – from Ø10mm to Ø32mm

Turning on automatic lathes from fi 10mm to fi 32mm-6 axes
In case of possibility of conventional machining:


max diameter of turning Ø 650mm
clearance over the bed Ø 900
max length of turning L=3000mm

Milling – 1600x400x510mm

The innovative CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) technology is based on the use of a numerical control system using a microcomputer that can be programmed in any way.

CNC machining is mainly concerned with materials such as metal, using computer controlled machines including: milling machines, lathes and EDM machines. Services such as CNC turning and cutting, thanks to the use of modern technology are done faster and without the need for a large number of employees. CNC turning, milling, cutting and material peeling services using computer solutions also allow for high quality end results with attention to the smallest details.

The standard CNC computerized material processing process has several design phases. These are:

  • computer-aided design (CAD);
  • converting the design into a machine control plan (CAM);
  • proper manufacturing (CNC).
Array CNC turning and milling services – machine park

There are several types of CNC machine tool control systems. These include:

  • numerical control, which involves positioning the tool in a precisely defined position relative to the workpiece;
  • sectional control, which consists of working movements, i.e. movement of tools with a given feed rate only on tracks parallel to the established coordinate axis;
  • Continuous control, which implements any movement (straights, arcs, bevels, curves, etc.), with the execution of a full range of figures. In this case, we distinguish: 2D contouring control, 21/2D contouring control and 3D contouring control.

Programs and controllers

Programs and controllers that supervise the operation of machines communicate with the operator using a user interface. Most often it is a graphical interface, which gives the ability to load, process and execute machining programs, as well as enter correction information, move the coordinate system and change the settings and parameters of machining. It also allows you to track the progress of your work.