Anbi-tech sp. z o.o. supports local education by organizing visits for students of vocational schools, internships and apprenticeships. We take an active part in promoting the region through the participation of Anbi-Tech representatives in conferences and job fairs. We support the education and development of students. We cooperate with school and students of Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych w Olkuszu.


Anbi-Tech supports the young football club “Słowik Olkusz”, takes part in various types of athletics competitions as well as mountain expeditions like “highest peeks in Europe”.


Sustainable community development is not possible without developing sensitivity to nature, culture and stimulating the curiosity of the world among our employees.

Charity events

Our company takes an active part in various charity events. We support the #drużynaSMA campaign aimed at broadening the awareness of a serious disease which is spinal muscular atrophy. Every year we support the organization of the “Children’s Day” holiday for children by the Otwarci Bydlin Association.