Cutting elements using CNC


ANBI-TECH offers products used in various fields of industry and components made of plastic, aluminum and metal. One of its main activities is the production of components using CNC machines with oscillating blades.

CNC cutting is done using computer-controlled devices in CAD/CAM system. This makes it possible to achieve optimum results in terms of even surface quality of the cutting edge and maintaining thermal stability of the material, e.g. when it comes to cutting aluminium. This is important due to the use of the latest technology components in CNC cutting. This also translates into high quality services.

CNC cutting in terms of machining capabilities presents itself as follows:

  • Cutting and milling plotter –
    3100x2100x350 mm (workspace)
  • Cutting and milling plotter –
    3100x1700x350 mm (workspace)
  • Cutting and milling plotter –
    2000x1500x150 mm (workspace)

Maximum thickness results from the possibility to process a specific material.

We have a well-stocked warehouse, which allows for efficient selection of top-class materials. As far as sealing materials are concerned, we possess products of the biggest manufacturers, such as: Donit Tesnit, Gambit, Klinger, Polonit, Frenzelit, Hecker Centellelen, Graphite, Grafilit, Sigraflex, Reinz AFM, Teadit, Garlock. With their use we execute each order received from the Client. We can cut complicated gasket.

To familiarize you with the specifics of CNC cutting and to place an order for CNC cutting (order/inquiry) we present below the most important information in the scope of CNC cutting.

In order to correctly describe the order (inquiry), below are the basic concepts and information about CNC cutting

What is CNC cutting?

CNC is a modern processing method, based on the use of computer-controlled machines. It allows for professional cutting of various types of materials with precision and accuracy. CNC cutting is characterized by high quality and precision.

CNC cutting is different from traditional cutting techniques using different types of saws because it gives better results and precision in performance. It is an alternative based on CNC technology – Computerized Numerical Control. It is the use at the stage of cutting, machines that have a microcomputer and are numerically controlled. It can be programmed in any way, according to the requirements of the project. This requires designing the cutting in advance using the right software and, at a later stage, the machine performs the machining exactly as per the requirements of the design. This omits the need for worker supervision at the cutting stage.

Array Cutting elements using CNC

Advantages of CNC cutting

  • High quality and precision of cutting. The CNC method allows for precise cutting. CNC cut parts are intricately machined, which would not be possible with traditional techniques;
  • Repeatability of the cutting process and parts, which means that they will look identical after the machining stage;
  • Reduced expenses in terms of less waste, which the precision of CNC cutting allows.
  • This allows you to plan your machining with maximum waste reduction;
  • Precise and smooth cutting surface. After the machining process, there is no need for additional finishing of the edges of the parts as in the case of using traditional cutting techniques;
  • No design changes, which is dependent on the CNC cutting method.

Material forming process

The standard process of manufacturing an item consists of 3 phases. These are:

  • Computer Aided Design Phase;
  • The phase of processing the design into a machine control plan – CAD;
  • Phase of actual fabrication – CNC.

Summary and price

In various fields of service and industry, such as metalworking with numerically controlled machine tools – CNC computer technologies play an important role. They give the possibility to automate work and increase its quality and precision. Nowadays such mechanization processes are an unavoidable element. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions which give the possibility to achieve a higher quality of products, with the involvement of fewer workers and maintaining high standards. Such solutions are also safer to implement. The work that previously had to be done by a team of workers is now done by a machine, with high quality and precision that humans do not have.

Financial and quality efficiency in the context of replacing human labor by automated computer systems is an inevitable part of technological development. To some extent, machines have already displaced humans from the workplace because of their greater capabilities and precision. It is likely that this process will continue in the future.

Why should you choose our offer?

We are a leading leader in the implementation of serial and individual orders. Each order is executed on the basis of documentation received from the customer or prepared by our Technical Department, including the use of entrusted materials.

We have a wide range of cut-out products, including:

  • CNC cutting – elements cut from PTFE;
  • CNC cutting – elements cut from engineering plastics;
  • CNC cutting – elements cut from rubber (CR, SBR, NBR, EPDM with spacers);
  • CNC cutting – elements cut from heat-insulating materials (cardboard, paper, ceramic plates)
  • CNC cutting – elements cut out of silicone, Viton FPM, FKM.
  • CNC cutting – CNC milling – elements milled from aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Services offered to you also include CNC milling and CNC turning and 3D cutting. These services are performed using modern technology, with precision and adaptation to customer expectations. We are characterized by competitive prices and quick execution. That is why you should trust our company and decide to cooperate with us today.

We invite you!